I want to help you get organized—I really do.  But I’m not going to come over to your house and help you clean out your closet.





Lots of moms struggle with too much stuff and no where to put it, but all moms deal with the clutter of insecurity, anxiety, and fear.  We’re filled with I have to remember to…and I’d better hurry up and…and I should be…thoughts, thoughts that distract us from our families and separate us from our Lord.





Instead, I want to help you recognize and clear out the clutter in your spirit.

I want to show you how to feel organized within yourself so you can clear out the clutter in your schedule, household, and daily life.  I approach life management and household organization with a down-to-earth, Jesus perspective that all moms can relate to, no matter how organized—or unorganized—they are!


So, get ready to bring out your inner “Jesus Mom” as you organize your entire household, and become better connected to your family and your Lord!


Blessings to you, Jesus Moms,




Shannon Upton -

Fellow Jesus Mom, Speaker, and Author of Organizing You

Shannon speaks to the heart of a mom by encouraging a mom’s dreams, supporting her with scripture, and loving the individuality in each mom’s spirit.

I left Shannon’s presentation feeling like I just had lunch with a dear friend,

and felt empowered to go into the “World of Mom” and make

positive changes in my family!


-Christy, mom of three and former MOPs co-coordinator

Finding your spiritual clutter—and using organization to get rid of it!


SHANNON UPTON - HILLIARD, OHIO - shannon@organizingjesusmoms.com


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